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rajveer singh jaitsar | Cyber Law and security

I am Rajveer Singh Ahuja (Jaitsar), founder of Jaitsar.com
I did B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Rayat & Bahra University, Punjab and LL.B. from Government Law College, SriGangaNagar. 

From the very Beginning I am Interested in Technology and its Proper Use and its advantages to help mankind. Technology on one hand is a boon and bane on the other hand. Technological advancements in the world are helping societies and communities to grow on more sustainable levels of development. But due to some Evil minded and Bad persons, technology can be a Bane for society. From Modification and Mutation in Human Genome, to the desired modification in Crops, Animals and other living organisms, Technology helps in building a better Future. Also there is a Threat and a danger of its Misuse.

My knowledge of Computer Science increased with my education and my working on different web projects. I came across various Cyber attacks and hacking problems. I started resolving them with the help of experts and learning from various sources.
I continued my studies in Laws to learn about the legal aspects, As i was always curious to know about the Constitution of my country and its legal structure and importance, and one important thing that always comes to my mind to know about the technological advancements of the Indian Government, Judiciary and Administration with the advancements in the technologies worldwide.

As now every bit of Data is servicing and available via the network and Internet. So what will be Privacy Standards & security according to new technologies. And what are Legal remedies available for violation of rights in this new technical advancing world.

Now, I am currently studying about Cyber laws and Cyber Threats and way to handle them Technically as well as Legally.
I have setup this blog and forum website to help like minded people to share their views and clear their doubts, get advice from Technical, Cyber, and Legal experts for various kinds of queries.

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